Eww to KFC Rice Bucket @ KFC

I don't normally blog about food nor do I do food reviews.
This time round I just couldn't take it but to review about KFC latest 'Rice Bucket'.
It's crazy because KFC is advertising their new 'Rice


I am not a spendthrift.

Gosh! Where do I freaking start?
When we talk about money, we know I know everyone knows that without money in this world, you are not able to do anything. Everything involve money. It's good to say


Life with the Siren.

15 December 2013. 
That day marks my 2 years journey with the Siren (Starbucks) as a Part-Time Barista. Oh my gosh. Where do I start. I applied the job with my bestfriend but unfortunately, I didn't


Bike or Bicycle?

It have been almost a year since I gotten my class 3 License (car). I just can't wait to to burn that freaking 'P' plate. Because most drivers loves to take advantage of new drivers. Don't be surprised


Your father lot ah?

Decided to use up my last few hours of my weekend to go shopping with my mum. Upon reaching Courts Tampines car park, I saw an empty parking lot. While attempting to park, I realized that the car right


The other half

Choosy, Cheesy, Picky.... these are normally the words you hear whenever you want to choose your other half to be your partner.
Whether you agree or disagree to my statement - it's your problem. Do